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The Captain James Small Firearms Training Range is located at 169 J. Small Range Road, Delhi, N.Y.  It is right off of NYS Route 10, adjacent to the Delhi Waste water Treatment Plant.


The range and classroom are owned by the Village of Delhi and cannot be used without authorization from Chief Michael Mills or Capt. James Small.


All firearms related classes offered through the training division take place in the classroom and on the range. The classroom building can accommodate a class size up to 15 students. It is equipped with a computer projection system for power point presentations.  It does offer a refrigerator and coffee maker, radio, heat, air conditioner and a locking storage area for firearms.


No firearms are allowed inside the classroom. They should be left in a safe manner and locked in the vehicle. For demonstration purposes, only non-lethal training firearms are used in the classroom. Demonstrations with real firearms are conducted in a safe area, towards the berm.


The range is a horseshoe shape, with several different venues for practical firearms training to take place. On the left side, an up/down target system, for dynamic drills using pop up targets.

Middle area, firing range with cable to hang targets. Right side includes a small shoot-don’t shoot house, and a moving target area for lateral drills and moving targets coming at the shooter or away from the shooter.

Carbines can qualify at the NYS mandatory 100 yds.


Metal, steel targets are not allowed at the range.


Outdoor shooting range
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