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History of the Delhi Police Dept. Training Division (DPDTD)

The DPDTD training program began in Delhi in 2010. At this time, Capt. James Small had been serving as the Director of the Delaware County Law Enforcement Academy, but resigned to come on board and start the training division thru the Delhi Police Department. Capt. Small had served with the Otsego County Law Enforcement Academy as Director for ten years and during his law enforcement career, served with the Delhi Police Dept. from 1978 to 2007 as a patrol officer. The range was formally named the Capt. James Small Firearms Training Facility after Capt. Small in 2016, with the road leading to the facility named in his honor in 2020.


At its inception, the division offered a variety of classes. The firearms range, at its current location, has been in use since the 1990's. It has been expanded to accommodate patrol rifle training classes and reality based training with non lethal Simulations guns. 


From the beginning, law enforcement training classes for police and peace officers have been offered, as well as security guard classes mandated by NYS for licensed security guards. The training division has a renowned reputation as a training center. Agencies from four States have sent personnel to Delhi to attend training. NY State, interstate and federal agencies have sent their personnel for Department of Criminal Justice Services (DJCS) certified training classes. The division works closely with DJCS and often times, DCJS training instructors have assisted the Delhi instructors with specialized training.


All instructors are certified by DCJS and are held to the highest professional standards, treating students with respect and courtesy. They continually attends and participate in the highest level of training classes to ensure that the latest and best known standards of training are presented during our classes.

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