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Shooting Clubs

The Delhi Police Training Division hosts two shooting clubs for interested civilians. In order to join the clubs, members MUST have completed a basic firearms training class. Small donations are accepted to offset the cost of targets and other supplies. The club sessions usually run approx. two hours.


Tuesday Morning Men’s Club
Club meets at the range and members shoot a variety of defensive shooting drills. Static and dynamic drills are conducted, based on the experience level of the member. Police style courses of fire are offered for any member wanting more defensive handgun experience and training.

Thursday Morning Ladies’ Defender’s Club
Same pre-requisite applies, all women MUST have attended a basic firearms training class before joining the club. Women will train as they carry, or, for home defense, how they store and access the gun in their residence. As members progress in their ability and proficiency, they can take part in more arduous and realistic drills.

Every club session begins with a basic review of firearms safety with discussion about any current incident involving an unintentional discharge. Throughout the sessions, club members can ask questions about legal issues, civil liability and questions about hand guns they might have.  Members have the opportunity to try a variety of hand guns before purchasing a specific model in which they have an interest.

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