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The Delhi Police Dept. Training Division offers a full array of training classes for law enforcement, security guards and civilians.  All certified DCJS classes are hosted at certain dates thorough out the year, including;

Law Enforcement and Agency Courses

  • Instructor Development

  • Instructor Evaluator Workshop

  • Firearms Instructor

  • Physical Fitness Instructor

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor

  • Domestic Violence Instructor


  • Conducted Energy Device basic and instructor

  • Aerosol Subject Restraint basic and instructor

  • Field Training Officer

  • Drug Test Kit certification


  • Basic Peace Officer Course

  • Basic firearms course

  • Unarmed security guard classes

  • Armed security guard classes

  • Verbal De-escalation

  • Community Interaction

  • Legal Issues UPDATE

  • Reduced Light Firearms Training

  • Tactical Combat Shotgun

  • Less Lethal Shotgun

  • Basic Patrol Rifle Operator

  • Advanced Patrol Rifle Operator

  • Active Shooter for Civilians

  • Active Shooter RBT Practical classes for law enforcement and security personnel

Civilian Training Courses

  • Basic Firearms Training for Handguns – Classes are female only, male only and co-ed.  Students may attend if they do not have a pistol permit. They will use non-lethal training guns. Students must be 18 yrs or older to attend.

  • Intermediate and Defensive Handgun Training Classes

  • Basic rifle and shotgun firearms classes

  • Church Security and Safety Training -  These classes are offered at no charge to religious organizations in the Delhi area.

  • Verbal De-escalation Training Class

  • Defensive use of pepper spray – OC 

  • All NYS Security Guard classes – unarmed and armed for civilian security officers.

  • Basic Active Shooter Classroom for Civilians – What to do in an active shooter incident

All Delhi Police instructors are certified by DCJS. The Division currently has two master police instructors and two master firearms instructors. Master instructors from other agencies also assist the Delhi Police instructors when needed.

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