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Meet the Instructors


Captain James H. Small

Director of Training

  • Training Coordinator Delhi Police Department

  • NYS Master Police Instructor

  • MA Criminal Justice Administration

  • 46 years law enforcement service


Captain Small is a DCJS certified Master Instructor with over 30 years experience instructing police officers, peace officers, security personnel and civilians. He taught criminal justice classes for SUNY as an adjunct professor for 11 years. He is well known across New York State having taught at many police academies and has been the director for the Otsego County Police Academy, Delaware County Law Enforcement Academy and is presently serving as the Director for the Sullivan County Law Enforcement Academy.


Corporal Eric Poggoli

Master Firearms Instructor

Eric has been an instructor since 2006 earning his Master Instructor status with the State of New York in 2018. His qualifications as a New York State Master Instructor include status as a New York State Certified Police Firearms Instructor, and a New York State Certified Armed Security Guard Instructor. Eric is also certified by New York State and the National Rifle Association as both a shotgun and a rifle Instructor. He assists with teaching the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services approved Firearms Instructor class to other New York State Certified Instructors from numerous Law Enforcement agencies from across New York State. In addition to his New York State credentials, Eric is also a National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructor for a multitude of classes as well as a Chief Range Safety Officer.


Sergeant Brian Davis

Assistant Director of Training

Sgt. Davis has been an DCJS certified instructor since 2013, specializing in Use of Force topics such as Defensive Tactics, Firearms, RBT, Active Shooter, Article 35, CED, Tactical Baton, and ASRI. Sgt. Davis is also a General Topics Instructor, a Bike Patrol Instructor, and a Field Training Officer. Sgt. Davis is very active as an Instructor, having taught a multiple police and corrections academies, as well as in service instruction for law enforcement agencies around New York State.


Officer Donald Beers

Firearms and TASER Instructor

Officer Beers has been a police officer since 2001, and has over 20 years of police and investigation experience. Officer Beers is a DCJS certified general topics instructor and field training officer since 2003. He has taught recruit level officers to seasoned veterans. Officer Beers also holds certifications in Firearms Instructor, Conductive Energy Device ( CED) Instructor, Article 35, and Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction. His many other courses include patrol rifle operator ( PRO), advanced patrol rifle operator (APRO), Active Shooter, and many others.

Visiting Instructors

Officer Edward Marrero | Mohawk Police Dept.


Officer Matthew Miller | Durham Police Dept.


Officer John Shauger | Durham Police Dept.


Officer Eyal Saad | Cairo Police Dept.


Officer Maggio Ventura | Nassau County Sheriff’s Dept.


Detective James Southerton | Suffolk County SPCA


Corporal Kyle Muthig | Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office


Sergeant Heath Goff | Delaware County Sheriff’s Office


Tim StewartTown of Hamden Constabulary

Officer Richard Ruiz | NYC Corrections


Investigator Joseph Galante | Suffolk County SPCA


Range Safety Officers (RSOs)

Thomas Insardi
Thomas Whittaker

Ronald Lynn

Charles Mazurak

Eric Scheer

Jeffrey Gearhart

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