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Officer Joseph Galante
NYS-OMH Police Department

"The courses I have taken with DPD were relevant to modern policing practices, informative, and professionally delivered. Training staff linked legal aspects with practical application to provide a comprehensive understanding of technique and practice. For many agencies downstate New York, it is near impossible to find specific training outside annual inservice . DPD has been welcoming and consistent in providing quality courses to support law enforcement of all disciplines from various communities."

Officer Corey Callahan
Nassau County Sheriff Department

"I have attended multiple training classes with the Delhi Police Department, including Firearms Instructors, Patrol Rifle Operator, Advanced Patrol Rifle, Aerosol Suspect Restraint and Instructor Evaluator. The highest level of training by outstanding professionals is provided in the safest environment possible and it is adhered to at all times."

Keith Evans

Retired NYRA Police Officer

"Thank you for all the great training given to me over the years. Although I was a National Rifle Association (NRA) Law Enforcement Officer, I was amazed at what I learned attending your classes. I recommend them to anyone who wants to become an instructor, or who just wants to learn more about firearms."

Rev. Dr. Lisa Ruth Mays

"I have benefitted greatly from the firearms class and training I received through the Delhi P.D. Training Program. I am the pastor of a local church, and as we know, not even a church is immune to violence. If I was needed to use a firearm to defend myself or others in an active shooter situation, I wanted to be educated and trained, which is what has occurred since I took a firearms safety class last July. The one on one training has been exceptional and I am so grateful for those professionals who teach and guide us in the proper and safe ways of handling and discharging a firearm. Thank you so much, Captain Small and all of the other instructors and assistants for donating your time to this important endeavor."

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