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June 13th & 14th, 2022

Patrol Rifle Operator


10 Officers from various agencies completed the NYS DCJS Patrol Rifle Operator certification course, in Delhi, N.Y.  All officers completed the classroom portion and passed the NYS standard 40 round qualifications course of fire, 100 yds and in.

May 25th & June 3rd, 2022

Range Safety Officer (RSO) Training


Course Goal


To develop certified Range Safety Officers who possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to promoting safe firearms instruction and training, including organizing, conducting and supervising a live fire range session.


​Course Lessons

  1. Define Role of the Range Safety Officer

  2. Explain the purpose and importance of range standard operating procedures.

  3. List the steps in inspecting a range prior to live fire.

  4. Conduct a range safety briefing.

  5. List the steps of emergency procedures.

  6. How to safely take a malfunctioning gun from a student.

  7. Show how to safely unload a gun and how to correct stoppages.

  8. List range commands used during a live fire session.

  9. Explain proper methods to handle a safety violation in a live fire session.

  10. List the Basic Rules of Firearms Safety


Certification Requirements

  • 21 years or older to take the class

  • Attend the entire course

  • Take part in discussions and practical exercises

  • Demonstrate the ability to properly conduct and supervise a live fire range session.

  • Pass an examination with a score of 80% or higher

March 2022

Richard R. Kelly Memorial ....


It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of a long time friend and police firearms instructor, Constable Rich Kelly, who died on Sunday, March 6, 2022.


Rich was an integral part of our core team of instructors. He was extremely patient, kind and competent. He always went to great lengths to assist a struggling student, help any agency in need and give of his own resources.


In honor of his service and dedication, a perpetual memorial award will be started in his honor by the Delhi Police Department Training Division. The award, in the the form of a plaque and certificate, will be presented to the top student in the NYS Firearms Instructor Course given at the J. Small Range in Delhi at a date to be announced in June.


The "Constable Richard R. Kelly Memorial Award for Excellence in Firearms Training" plaque will be displayed in the range classroom, with the name of the award recipient inscribed each year. A certificate stating same will be issued to the recipient to keep.


A photo of the plaque will be added to this web page when it is completed.



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